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The 4-pack

Four 55-minute sessions gives you and your ReimerGOLF professional ample time to fully assess strengths and weaknesses in your swing and golf game. The first lesson involves mostly assessment and developing a game plan for the three plus sessions to follow. Depending on the clients’ needs, the lessons can range from full swing technique, to putting. This package is customizable for YOUR game. It is recommended that your sessions be scheduled one to two weeks apart, but can be scheduled at your convenience.

The 8-, 16-, and 32-packs

Prepare for a full assessment and improvement program so that your game is properly diagnosed for maximum improvement. In these packages, coaching sessions are 55-mins long and should be distributed to take anywhere from 2 to 12 months. Take advantage of this opportunity to set yourself up for continued improvement and play the game with maximum confidence and consistency.

When selecting these larger packages ReimerGOLF will curtail coaching sessions to the players long term needs.  Majority of time will be spent on potential weaknesses that may be holding the player back the most. These sessions may touch on the following concepts but not limited to- effective practice strategies, short game shots, driving range and golf course alignment strategies, correct green reading processes, course management info, slope/lie analysis, putting stroke mechanics, fairway and greenside bunker play

Tech and other value adds:

  • Hi-Speed Video Analysis with a comprehensive breakdown and explanation of swing mechanics
  • The most effective swing drills our team has researched and collaborated on to make you consistent
  • Proven pre/post shot routine with VISION 54 and DECADE golf integrations 
  • BodiTrak Pressure Map for Ground Reaction Forces 
  • 10X Medium Bucket Punchcard for practice sessions at Golfuture YYC ~$100+ Value 
  • Trackman 4 assessing your Swing Path, Club Face Angle, AoA, Swing Speed, Ball Speed, Spin and more 

Adult pricing


ReimerGOLF is known for developing some of the best Junior golfers in the province and has been connected with Junior Golf all over the province through the Maple Leaf Junior Tour, CJGA and Alberta Golf.  ReimerGOLF is focused on developing junior golfers into truly competent players and Athletes, some of whom will have the necessary high-level aptitudes and ambition to perform and ultimately win at the highest level of the game.

Each junior golfer is different, and if you choose private lessons, the programming will be customized completely based on their developmental age and goals. 

The 1-pack

One lesson is effective for short-term assistance if a junior is experiencing difficulty with a particular aspect of the game. It can also be effective for introducing a child to golf for the first time, in order to prepare them for a group class.

The 4-pack

A 4 Lesson Package is a healthy start to learning golf and works well as a semi-private lesson with a sibling of varied ages. This can set the foundation for the juniors

The 8-pack

Our most popular package, the 8 pack gives the junior and instructor ample time to address all the skills for golf, in addition to the physical and psychological benchmarks in the LTPD Guide.

The 16-pack

A more comprehensive approach to junior golf development, with the flexibility to schedule lessons when it works for your family. When junior golfers commit to this level of instruction, there is a blend of instruction and coaching, similar to some of the Strive For Excellence lesson content.

Junior pricing


Looking to take a lesson with a friend or family member? We offer semi-private lessons as well!