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Class A PGA Professional

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About Jamie

Class 'A' PGA of Canada Professional

Jamie Reimer has worked with thousands of juniors since becoming a member of the PGA of Canada in 2008. He currently coaches numerous successful competitive juniors and university students. His goal when working with golfers is to understand their motivation and tailor his approach to meet their needs, to help them enjoy practicing and playing by giving them the tools to build commitment to themselves in golf and in life. 

He believes focusing on fundamentals and mechanics will provide a solid foundation that cannot be broken and creates not only champions, but players who will enjoy the game long passed their junior career.


Jamie Reimer



Do you want to start competing in golf? Or maybe you want to start winning tournaments... Reimer Golf has the perfect program tailored to help you meet your goals. 


Strive Elite

Ages 12 - 18. Players must meet specific minimum requirements to enroll in this program. Space is limited. 

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Strive Elite B

Ages 12 - 18. This is for introductory or competitive players that may have other sports they are still committed to.

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Strive Intro To Compete

Ages 10 - 14. This is for future competitive players that have yet to meet other Strive program requirements such as age.

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Private lessons

Private lessons are available for juniors and adults in limited quantity.

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Jane T.

Junior program parent
Jamie has guided and encouraged my son from his first Linkster tournament when he was 10 years of age all the way through to committing to a Division 1 golf program in the US.  Jamie has been our rock through the whole journey!

Jeff Garcia

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